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What is the Arbitrum Ambassador program?

The Arbitrum Ambassador program allows you to represent Arbitrum in your local community, contributing to the broader Arbitrum vision. We empower you to lead virtual and in-person meetups, create your own content, grow your personal network, and more!


Benefits of becoming an Ambassador

  • Represent Arbitrum in your local community
  • Work side by side with the ecosystem’s biggest protocols
  • Network with others and build your own professional portfolio
  • Learn about scaling and Layer 2 technologies from industry leaders
  • Have an impact on research related to tech, community ideas, and more!
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Arbitrum Rollup

Join a Fleet and start growing your skillset

Univeristy Fleet

University Fleet

  • Take part in research, content creation, and dApp building
  • Be the face of Arbitrum at your University
  • Spread awareness about building on Arbitrum among students learning web3
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Technical Fleet

Technical Fleet

  • Create analytics dashboards for the Arbitrum ecosystem
  • Build tooling for dApps living on Arbitrum
  • Educate other developers about scaling their dApps with Arbitrum
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Community Fleet

Community Fleet

  • Create content about Arbitrum and ecosystem partners
  • Host meetups in your local community
  • Represent Arbitrum in your region
  • Contribute to the ecosystem as a gamer or artist
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Arbitrum in local communities around the world

Ambassador Achievements Portal

Check out the high quality content produced by the Arbitrum Ambassadors, and join in on the creation! Your content will be featured here as well once you become an Ambassador, for the broader community to see.

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